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You play as Dracula and fight demons and ghosts.

The theme for the jam was power, which I included in my game as a red blood (or power) bar, which you can use to heal or to summon a powerful spell for massive damage.

The restriction was only 5 colors, I choose to have all my characters only have 3 colors: white, black and red and grey as a background color. Some text may have distorted and produced different shades of red but that wasn't my intention.

The game has 5 levels, a tutorial and a boss fight, it is pretty short but very difficult if you don't use the spell.

I made 9 enemies, 4 of which are only more powerful versions of others.

The game is difficult, if it is too difficult to be fun I will tone it down a bit.

The music was made by Stef If (thx).

If you have any feedback I would appreciate it, thanks!

Install instructions

Just unzip the file.


Dracula's Dungeon Updated Version.zip 10 MB
Dracula Invasion in Wallachia Demo 10 MB

Development log


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Cool game. I recommend if you want more to play it add a browser build for the game as it is more convenient. Controls were nice graphics were cool i liked how there was risk associated with using you power. Maybe a good idea would be screen shake when taking damage or on death. It was fun but level 2 was quite hard

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Thank you for the feedback, I'm working on screen shake and a death animation(you turn into a bat and fly off ).

nice that sounds cool